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                You spend a lot of time at the office every day. It’s a relief to know it will be clean when you get to work.

 Professional office cleaning services are affordable and can keep your office consistently clean. But, it’s important to use a commercial office cleaning company you can count on. Finding a dependable office cleaning company shouldn’t wear down your patience. Precise Cleaning Services, LLC respects your budget, your business and your time.

We provide customized commercial cleaning services to fit your needs.

Office/Business environments require thorough dusting and disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning and trash removal. Killing and removing germs to create a cleaner and healthier environment are important to help reduce the spread of illness and infection. A clean office/business makes a good impression on employees and visitors. Precise Cleaning Service, LLC is a commercial cleaning service locally and independently owned and operated business that takes pride in providing PRECISE customized cleaning services.

Eliminate risk

Bathrooms are a germy area with fecal toxins on nearly every surface. Bad odors make them seem dirtier, even if they look clean. Dirty bathrooms breed bacteria and mold, which can lead to illness in the workplace. Help keep your employees and home happy and healthy by using Precise Cleaning Service for cleaner, sanitary and better smelling restrooms for  your employees..

With Precise Cleaning Services you can count on precision and consistency in any and all services we provide.

Most commercial cleaning needs include cleaning areas such as cubicles, offices, lobby's, conference rooms and break rooms. But, not all office cleaning requirements are the same. Proper dusting and vacuuming, consistent attention to detail and certified use of efficient disinfectant products are important, but might be overlooked by your current commercial cleaning company. 

We provide a comprehensive cleaning program.

“One-size-fits-all” cleaning plans don’t fit all budgets or needs. Your facility may have unique cleaning needs, expectations and budget requirements that need to be discussed and understood. We consider all respects your bottom line and will develop a professional, customized cleaning program based on your cleaning needs within your available budget.  


Need Cleaning Assistance? Don't Hesitate to Call Us Today!

PRECISE CLEANING SERVICES, LLC provides Remarkable commercial cleaning services in and around Franklin TN

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